Roger Wingfield

Administrative Director


Phone: (905) 642-9531


Roger Wingfield serves as FIA’s Administrative Director of our Canadian division, in addition to functioning as the President of its Board of Directors. Roger lends over 40 years of business administration and systems experience garnered from his career in the insurance industry. One of the original board members of FIA Canada, he has been with Friends In Action since the mid-1990’s. Roger and his wife Drewry operate the FIA-Canada office from their home, with Drewry serving as the Office Administrator and Treasurer. They manage all the FIA Canada work teams and their related travel, Canadian financial requirements (including audits and governmental filings), as well as coordinate Canadian missionary tax filings. In addition to assisting with fundraising for two of the drilling rigs for FIA’s well drilling in Africa, Roger has also provided missionary and project support to countless of FIA’s efforts abroad. He has attended multiple work trips to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Nicaragua. With his philosophy of “work, pray, plan, initiate, complete and wait for the Lord to show His hand to His Glory alone,” FIA is grateful for Roger’s passion and leadership.