Ruth Mejia

Rama Cay Ministry


Ruth Mejia, a citizen of Nicaragua, serves with FRIENDS in Action (FIA) as we reach the Rama people on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast. In addition to serving on the NGO board of FIA, Ruth administrates all the projects and coordinates the work teams sent to assist with the Rama ministry. Her hospitality and meal preparations are celebrated by everyone who visits! Ruth has helped FIA through the legal process of becoming a qualified NGO in Nicaragua, and her daily efforts are critical to FIA’s work developing a new community for the Rama Cay Indians. Her care and dedication to the Rama have enabled many of them to move off of an over-crowded island, escaping unsanitary living conditions with little clean water. Ruth continually serves the people with passion and patience.

Ruth has been a member of FIA for over 15 years and is supported by the monthly gifts and prayers of God’s people. She is a faithful and committed woman of God, and FIA thanks God for her service of love to the Lord and the Rama people.