With your partnership, FIA supports mission work in areas of limited infrastructure by using construction projects to speed the Gospel to those who have never heard.

134,500 lives impacted

While Friends In Action is all about demonstrating God’s love through practical means, we make sure Jesus always has center stage. Through partnerships with missionaries, nationals, and indigenous pastors on-site, we never undertake a project without a plan for sharing the Gospel and providing discipleship afterwards. Your support helps take the Good News deeper and further to the ends of the earth.

17,430 lives impacted

Communities in need deserve more than short-term solutions. By providing essentials such as clean water, family homes, and life-skills training, you provide sustainable, long-lasting change that will make an impact for generations to come. Last year alone, more than 40 tribes in West Africa and Vanuatu were transformed by well-drilling efforts. FIA also worked alongside Rama Cay and Miskito communities to build more than 50 homes for over 250 villagers in Nicaragua, in addition to providing two wells, a baseball field, sawmill and workshop.

1,200 lives impacted

Quality medical care is one of the greatest needs in many impoverished nations. Your gifts meet this need by supporting Bolivia’s medical mission boat El Misionero. Dental, vision, deworming, minor surgery, water filtration and prenatal care bring physical and spiritual healing to remote villages along the Amazon River.

2,750 lives impacted

Your gift enables the full Word of God to take deep root in the lives of key indigenous leaders. Whether you help to equip students from The University of Divine Grace to take the Gospel back to their “closed” homelands or support the Bible camps and conferences hosted in Nicaragua, Vanuatu, or Bolivia’s Indigenous Training Center, your giving means the Gospel goes further in specific heart languages to neighboring remote locations.

250 lives impacted

Education plays a critical role in helping people break the cycle of poverty. By providing primary education to children and vocational training to adults, you empower others to build better futures for themselves. Your gift towards bus fees and school tuition allow Papua New Guinea’s children a chance to reach their God-given potential. Whether woodworking, masonry, welding, or general construction skills, you help hundreds of indigenous people develop new skills to pass along to neighbors and create new venues of income in some of the most impoverished areas of the globe.

How do we measure results?

It’s a hard question but an important one. FIA is committed to transparency, learning, and making every donated dollar count towards God’s purposes. Since 1992, FIA has a long-standing track record of fiscal accountability, completed projects, and lives changed by Christ. Please feel free to learn more:

2018 Total Project Donations