Get ready for ONE DAY of online giving!

On Friday, November 16, a generous $5,000 business match from Scenic Ridge Construction joined with ExtraGive’s stretch pool of over $500,000 mean that your impact can reach even more people for the cause of Christ!

Please click above (or click here) anytime
on November 16 and donate $25 or more to FIA!

Through last year’s gifts, over 17,432 lives were impacted by our volunteers’ community transformation efforts! By providing essentials such as clean water, family homes, and life-skills training, volunteers’ efforts resulted in sustainable, long-lasting change for generations to come. Because FIA partners with on-site missionaries, over 134,500 people also had the opportunity to hear the gospel!

“I left a piece of my heart in Nicaragua. Never did I ever expect to be so impacted in such a profound way in such a short time. I went to bless them, but I am the one who was blessed.”

-Marietta, PA volunteer to the Rama Cay

“We accomplished so much in such a short time. From machinery repair and painting, to laying block and septic drain lines, to burying electrical conduit – we were on it! It felt good to use my skills to help others.”

-Mount Joy, PA volunteer to Ni-Van People of Vanuatu

“I went once, and I was hooked! Now I come home to raise money, so I can return as many times as possible. Being involved in ministering to people who truly need it and are thankful for it with God’s love has brought joy and purpose to my own life.”

-Lancaster, PA volunteer to the Miskito People in Nicaragua

May the Lord bless you for your generosity and faithfulness to reaching the physical and spiritual needs of people across the globe! Thank You!