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Short Term Trip FAQs

Taking a trip with FIA is an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love in very specific and practical ways to indigenous people and the missionaries who serve them. In every country and in each type of project, you can expect to be putting your own skills and talents to work in Jesus’ Name.

FIA trips are typically ten days to two weeks in length. Each trip is designed around a specific project or event that is used as a platform to accelerate the Gospel. While working alongside indigenous people, you will build relationships, instill hope, and take part in a larger, long-term strategy which is to share the Gospel with every nation, tribe, and tongue.

Individuals of all ages are welcome to attend FIA trips, although certain projects and countries lend themselves to family ministry more than others. Please indicate on your Interest Form your desire to travel with your children, and we will be happy to discuss opportunities that can match the interests and capabilities of your family. Minors must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
All expenses related to your travel will be collected before your trip, however small amounts (under $50) may be appropriate for souvenirs near in-country airports or markets made before transport to more remote locations.
Your team leader will be in frequent communication with you in the months and weeks before your trip to provide you specific expectations for your chosen travel opportunity. In general, bug repellent, sunscreen, a Bible, journal, camera, and extra shoes are always helpful. We will provide a country-specific packing list, and we suggest packing as light as possible for ease of travel.
Clothing is often dictated by the safety requirements of the work, as well as the cultural expectations of the communities in which you will serve. Your field leader will be happy to communicate further specifics with you once your short-term application has been processed.
All countries of travel require a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date you will return to the United States.

To apply for or renew your passport, please visit, or for urgent requests with additional fees, Visas required to enter a country will vary depending on the trip destination. Please consult Travel Document Systems at for more information.

Your FIA trip coordinator will also communicate specific details to you once you have registered for your trip.

Required vaccinations vary depending on the FIA Trip destination. You can find country-specific CDC links under Trip Opportunities above on this page. Your FIA trip coordinator will also communicate specific details to you once you have registered for your trip.
FIA works in conjunction with in-house administrators and travel agents who specialize in mission and remote location destinations. We normally provide all necessary travel, accommodations, meals, and in-country transports to provide a safe, productive, and simplified trip.
Your FIA trip fee will cover the costs of all in-country accommodations, including transportation, lodging, meals, translation, and a program donation. Your fee does not cover the cost of required travel documents and vaccinations.

You will receive a tax receipt for all expenses paid to FIA, and payments are non-refundable.

Checks covering trip costs can be mailed to:

US travelers use: FIA Intl, PO Box 323, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.
CA travelers use: 27 Long Stan, Stouffville, Ontario L4A 1P5
UK travelers use: 93 Carsonstown Rd, Saintfield, Ballynahinch BT24 7ED, N. Ireland, UK

Please be sure to include a note or memo identifying your name and chosen trip.

Should you be approved to travel with FIA, you can also raise financial support from family and friends. All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their generosity. All payments are non-refundable. Your field leader can help you understand the process used to assist in raising support.


Testimonies from FIA Trips

“As soon as we hit water, the women began to sing and dance and a boy brought over a drum and there was a great celebration that lasted for about an hour. The pastor we partnered with took this opportunity to gather the people together and share the Love of Christ – the Source of Living Water. That night 40 of the villagers came to know Christ.”

– Volunteer to West Africa

“I left a piece of my heart in Nicaragua. Never did I ever expect to be so impacted in such a profound way in such a short time. I went to bless them, but I am the one who was blessed. It was an experience of a lifetime.”

– Volunteer to Rama Cay in Nicaragua

“I went once, and I was hooked! Now I come home to raise money, so I can return as many times as possible. Being involved in ministering to people who truly need it and are thankful for it with God’s love has brought joy and purpose to my own life.”

– Volunteer to the Miskito in Nicaragua

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