Where We Are

Friends in Action, Intl. is involved with 10+ construction projects in 6 remote locations around the globe! Each of FIA’s building projects assists nationals or missionaries in practical ways, demonstrating God’s love to people groups who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Our Partnerships

FIA’s projects are partnerships between FIA work teams and missionary organizations or indigenous people groups already located on the project site who request our help. This partnership ensures that at each work site, in addition to the completion of the building project, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is also shared and follow up is available to the people.


What We Do

Construction: FIA volunteers have built medical clinics, bridges, schools, homes, and airstrips in remote locations.

Supplies: FIA has also shipped containers of supplies and provided equipment like vehicles and generators to project sites. Our short-term volunteer teams help to provide equipment and labor for development projects around the world.

Vocational Training: To create a sustainable economy in these newly reached communities, FIA provides vocational training for things like mechanics, welding, wood-working, construction, and other skills that will help support local families as well as ongoing project needs.


To learn more information about the practical ways we fulfill our purpose, visit our Practices page.