If you are a missionary heading to the field or returning home, Friends In Action (FIA) can help purchase and/or ship your personal items, household articles, or equipment!

We even ship large items!

Arrival in Papua New Guinea


We have shipped containers and pallets for over 100 ministries and 900 missionaries to many remote locations. FIA has established a large network of US and Canadian trucking companies that provide large discounts to get your items to us or ports for shipping. We are happy to pass those savings on to you!

If you are going to or coming from Chad, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, etc., contact us! We are here to help.


FIA can assist with…


  • Providing packing and shipping at the most economical prices available
  • Building crates for container shipments
  • Processing all paperwork needed to send a shipment overseas

Purchasing Supplies:

  • FIA can make a wide-range of purchases on your behalf. From diapers and household items to solar equipment, mowers, or four-wheelers, we can help.



For further information, please contact us:



“Your help in shipping our supplies to Australia has lifted a huge burden off of our shoulders. Thank you for walking us through the process and being patient with us ‘rookie’ missionaries. You have been a huge blessing to us as we make this big move. May God bless you richly as you bless others by serving!” – G & S, Australia

“The dryer is now converted and working great. Thanks for all of your many efforts there in the U.S. All the items you have sent us so far for the power system, appliances, and office equipment have helped us free up quite a bit of time, which makes the job out here go that much faster. My wife’s shoulder and neck aches are a now a thing of the past as well, since she got her new washing machine. The hauling and scrubbing laundry days are over! Thank you so much for all your help. We appreciate your ministry to us very much.” – PW, New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea